Study Spanish in The Heart of the gaucho culture on the Argentine countryside...

AMAUTA offers the students a unique opportunity to participate in our Spanish Program in different destinations . In Argentina, you can study Spanish with us in the amazing city of Buenos Aires, but you can also choose to take classes in the famous lake town of Bariloche, in the South, of, you can participate in the "countryside" Spanish program at a traditional estancia, approximately 90 kilometers from Buenos Aires city.

The estancia is a big old house with a typical countryside atmosphere, based in the argentine gaucho culture. Typical Argentine food will be served here, Including a lot of the meat Argentina is famous for. A week of Spanish classes in the Argentinean Pampas of Buenos Aires includes:
Spanish classes, overnight at the estancia, the meals, the bus from Buenos Aires and cultural activities and visits.

AMAUTA teachers go with the group, therefore guaranteeing our high level of instruction. During their free time the students are welcome to use the sports facilities, the horses, the games such as pool, table tennis, darts, and others. Daily activities include a horse back riding excursion, a visit to San Antonio de Areco, a interactive cooking class, a hike in the surroundings of the estancia and others.

AMAUTA Recommends

Pampas Ex- students of the AMAUTA Spanish on the Pampas program strongly recommend it to new students. The have confirmed the unique experiences of living as a gaucho with the gauchos in the beautiful country side of Argentina in a beautiful mansion is worth the extra cost of the program They have enjoyed the Argentina Pampa scenery and found they had a lot of time to dedicate to Spanish studies. This is a unique opportunity to learn about Argentine culture while improving your Spanish.

Practical Information

AMAUTA will arrange transport for teachers and students from Buenos Aires to the estancia on Sunday morning. The transport back, on Saturday, is also included. A minimum of six students is required to run the program; the maximum number of participants is 16.
There are fixed departure dates for this program. The estancia is located at 85 kilometers from Buenos Aires, close to the tourist town of San Antonio de Areco. AMAUTA Buenos Aires is in daily contact with the estancia, and in case of an emergency, students can always be back in Buenos Aires within 1,5 hour maximum.

The Pampas The Pampas

Start: Jan 31, Feb 28, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 20, July 18, August 22, September 19, October 24, November 21, December 12 - 2013
Min. No. of Students: 6
Max. No. of Students: 16
Duration: 1 week, from Sunday to Saturday
Level of Spanish: All except for complete beginners.
Accommodation: Included in shared rooms.
Sessions/week: 20
Included: Spanish course (20 sessions), accommodation (6 nights), all meals, daily activities, excursion to San Antonio de Areco, transportation (roundtrip).

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